Nov. 19, 2012—WASHINGTON, D.C.—As the Catalogue for Philanthropy: Greater Washington reaches a decade of service, its latest edition includes a new, worthy non-profit organization—OAR, whose mission is to strengthen the community through second chances.

After a rigorous review process CFP selected OAR to join its network, which brings together donors, volunteers, employers and worthy local non-profits to strengthen the D.C. region.

In its 10 years, the Catalogue has raised more than $18 million from caring individuals for featured non-profits with annual budgets of $3 million or less. OAR is one of 74 non-profits making an appearance in this year’s Catalogue.

“OAR is in the public safety business,” says Gail Arnall, executive director. “Since 1974, OAR has provided the resources for a second chance to thousands of ex-offenders returning to our community. The support of our donors gives men and women basic needs such as food, clothing and housing. But, perhaps more importantly, it also gives them the tools to improve themselves through education, job training and placement, housing assistance, and transportation. As the economy continues to struggle, donor support for our programs is especially vital to our community—this year more than ever.”

“In the D.C. region we see such a contrast between those who have and those who go without. We are our brother’s keeper and the Catalogue is an ideal way to connect caring donors to small, community-based non-profits that make a difference such as OAR. We make this statement based on a rigorous financial evaluation for effectiveness and transparency, at least one site visit, and input from more than 100 independent community reviewers. Donors know they can trust the Catalogue to help them make smart decisions about local non-profits where they can really see their contributions make a difference,” says Barbara Harman, CFP president and editor.

Since its founding, the Catalogue has highlighted the work of over 480 nonprofits in the greater Washington area. More than 100 individuals and 20 corporations (and counting) are supporters of the Catalogue initiative.

Media contact: Gail Arnall, OAR Executive Director, 703-228-7030