For the sixth year in a row, Offender Aid and Restoration (OAR) is partnering with Men’s Wearhouse to make sure that OAR clients, and others in need, have good-fitting suits to wear for job interviews and to the job.

“When you donate your gently used professional attire at your nearest Men’s Wearhouse, you’re giving more than clothing – you’re giving someone a second chance,” Men’s Wearhouse said about the national initiative, which runs through July 31.

Donations are tax-deductible. Those donating suits will receive 50 percent off the regular price of retail items (with some exclusions) on their next purchase.

“We are so grateful to Men’s Wearhouse for this annual suit drive,” said Gail Arnall, executive director of OAR. “Each year, we receive about 900 suits from the drive, suits that we can then give to our clients as well as to other nonprofits in the community.”

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