OAR had the pleasure of adding 10 new diverse interns to their dynamic team this spring. OAR interns come from different part of the country which includes our local DC, Maryland, and Virginia area, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Florida, New York, and even California.

Yes, OAR interns travel hundreds of miles away from their home state to dedicate their time and hard work at OAR. Interns provide a wide range of support at OAR which include leading intakes, supervising clients during special events, conducting valuable research, and assisting in reentry programs and events.

Not only are OAR interns for all over the country they also have a range of academic interest that include Forensic Psychology, Criminal Justice Studies, Sociology, Justice Studies, Psychology and we even have a double major in Psychology and Criminal Justice. Each OAR intern is pursing a career that involves criminal justice and interning at OAR has exposed them to different aspect of the criminal justice field involving ex-offenders, their loved ones, and the community.

The staff at OAR knows that without the help of our volunteers and interns we could not have provided services to over 2,500 people in our community in the last year alone.

Keith Towery, a Case Manager in the Community Service Department, said “the interns are such a big help… we manage roughly 1,200 cases annually, and with 3 case managers the load would be split at roughly 430 each. With each additional intern we are able to close cases in time and perform our other duties.”

The interns work hard and we thank them greatly for their hard work and invaluable service they provided for OAR and our community members. For more information on internships contact Elizabeth Jones at ejones@oaronline.org or (703) 228-7030

Written by Yesenia Celis, Spring 2012 Intern