Volunteer at OAR

OAR’s many volunteers represent the communities ultimately served by the process of restorative justice. As transitions progress, incarcerated individuals return to the community as neighbors, church members, tax payers, concerned parents, and yes, very often, volunteers.

Like individuals who are homeless, mentally ill, and drug addicted, those jailed for criminal offenses need help. Volunteering with OAR provides a wonderful opportunity to touch the lives of those most in need, while also dramatically benefiting the community. Volunteers can help in a wide variety of ways such as assisting with education, recovery support, or enhanced life skills training.

Getting Started

Attend an OAR Tour!

After you have completed a tour, you may request a Volunteer Application.


Training and Orientation
One key benefit of volunteering with OAR is the exceptional orientation and training provided to volunteers. Orientation and training provides volunteers with a comprehensive overview of the criminal justice system, local detention center programs, and OAR services available to incarcerated individuals. On-the-job training and observation is required prior to volunteering.  OAR also offers in-service training opportunities throughout the year that focus on different aspects of volunteer work.

Training topics include:

  • History of OAR and overview of the agency’s continuum of services
  • Overview of  services available to our participants
  • Your role as a volunteer

In addition to the above requirements, volunteers interested in facilitating courses at the Arlington County Detention Facility must attend a jail orientation, where they receive an overview of volunteer protocol within the detention facility and a tour of the jail. These take place every other month and we must receive your completed application at least 20 days prior to the next session in order for us to submit it in time.