OAR’s Racial Equity Action Network

OAR’s community-based Racial Equity Action Network’s primary focus is to create a space to openly discuss race-related subject matter that centers the lives of those impacted by the criminal justice system. This group of committed and passionate volunteers will mobilize with an understanding of historical and current issues impacting our men and women. By empowering and amplifying the voices of those who have been marginalized through systemic racism we aim to challenge racist laws, regulations, programs, policies, and beliefs that dominate our society and culture.

We also aim to pursue partnerships with community members, other advocacy groups, and anti-racism organizations to increase the impact of this work and improve the quality of life for people of color. The Racial Equity Action Network’s ultimate goal is to transition people of color into positions of power in the community, local and state government, the Virginia General Assembly, and other white-dominated organizations to create a shift toward anti-racism across our established infrastructure.

**IMPORTANT – Due to the latest public health and safety concerns regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, OAR Action Network Meetings will be postponed until further notice (please see additional information below). Our main priority is to keep our community healthy and thriving and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We hope everyone stays safe and healthy during this time and if you have any concerns about COVID-19 or looking for more information, please visit the CDC’s official website here.**

Due to the pandemic, we have decided to postpone the Action Network meetings for the time being as we continue strategizing about how we want to go forward with the Action Network, especially in a virtual setting. This does not mean in any way that there will be no more Action Network meetings, we are just evaluating how we want to continue carrying out these meetings and still have them be as effective and inclusive as possible during this time as we have to transition everything to be virtual. Once we have figured out a strategy for this, we will be reaching out with another update and let you know when and how we will be hosting the Action Network meetings, so if you would like to receive updates from us about the Action Network please fill out the RSVP form below.

If you have any questions please contact:  racialequity@oaronline.org

Please fill out the RSVP form below to receive updates about the Action Network:

Questions? Please contact racialequity@oaronline.org