Alternative Sentencing + Diversion

Alternative Sentencing + Diversion/
OAR works with Arlington County and the City of Falls Church Courts to provide alternative sentencing programs. OAR's community service program allows individuals to do volunteer work in the community in lieu of jail time and fines and to work off their accrued court costs. OAR is implementing a Diversion program in partnership with the Vera Institute and Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney - Arlington County and the City of Falls Church with the goal of reducing recidivism as well as racial disparities amongst individuals sentenced to diversion programs.

Reentry Services

Reentry Services
OAR is on a journey with individuals who are experiencing incarceration and those on the journey home from incarceration. Individuals with the wisdom and insight of shared experiences lead supportive programs in our local detention facilities in Arlington and Alexandria. OAR's pre-release programs include: evidence-based cognitive-behavioral, fatherhood, and group psychotherapy programs as well as vocational, educational, personal development, transition planning, and reentry readiness programs.

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