Rebecca’s* Journey

Rebecca had over 100 hours of court-mandated community service to complete through OAR’s Alternative Sentencing Program. During Rebecca’s intake appointment with an OAR Collective member, she was able to create a schedule to organize her time to complete all of her hours by her deadline while also balancing her regular work hours. Rebecca had very minimal experience volunteering before, but after connecting with OAR, she stated she was excited about the opportunity to work with different nonprofits in the area.

Over the next few months, Rebecca volunteered regularly at two different local nonprofits and also helped out at OAR events to complete her hours. She was always a huge help and a bright light of energy wherever she went to volunteer. One of Rebecca’s site supervisors even emailed OAR to tell her wonderful it was to have Rebecca volunteer with them. Her site supervisor stated, “Rebecca’s time has been a valuable piece of the work we are doing to build communities that include people of all abilities and we thank her for all of her help and support.” Rebecca successfully completed all of her hours and closed out her case. She had such a wonderful experience working with the OAR Collective and the organizations she volunteered for, that she told us she is going to continue to find more ways to volunteer in her community in her own time.

*Name changed to protect privacy of the participant. We do not use the actual names, photos, or videos of OAR participants to protect their privacy. To learn more about OAR’s Ethical Storytelling Philosophy please see the video below* 

OAR Ethical Storytelling Philosophy