Success Stories & Testimonials

How is success measured when applied to human achievement? Statistics, program reports, even outcome measures, somehow fail to illustrate the full human dimension of our work.

These stories and testimonials presented here are individual successes told in detail – real people, real stories, real achievement – with only the names and other identifying information altered to protect the participant’s privacy.

We at OAR applaud the determination, courage and strength of character evident in these success stories. Each is unique, each totally original, each in its own way extraordinary.

Dana’s Story, In His Own Words
Dana was asked to share his story at an event on behalf of OAR. With his permission, we are pleased to share with you his speech, written in his own words:  “Good Afternoon. My name is Dana. I was asked to speak to you today and tell a story. It’s a story replete with shame, blame and guilt. A story still searching for a happy ending or at the very least, a positive turn and the beginning of hope once again. That story is my story. But I am not going to do that, at least not as the focus.
You see, there is a much bigger story that needs to be told…” Read More >

Mr. P’s second chance
Mr. P had been homeless for about six months. There was a forecast for heavy snow and he was trying to stay warm. He had never been homeless before and didn’t know how to access services. He found himself arrested for breaking into the basement of the apartment building where he used to live…Read More >

A “Lost Boy” of Sudan
I was fortunate enough to sit next to a client I will call Michael. I thought I knew some of Michael’s history. I knew he was living in a shelter near by and had been recently released from the detention center after serving time for trespassing and shoplifting. I knew he had spent the year prior to his incarceration in an alcoholic haze living under a bridge. His public defender who had taken a strong interest in his case told his story as one of the “Lost Boys” of Sudan…Read More >

Michael was ready to make a change
As a juvenile, I was arrested about seven times. It got to a point where my mom didn’t know who I was anymore. I did not care about school and all I wanted to do was get high. In total, I served time for about five years. However, this last time was very different because I gained so much, and the most precious thing was learning about OAR. Gaining this information in jail, I set up an appointment with an OAR case manager upon my release. Since that visit, everything has changed a lot for me…Read More >

For Sam Persistence Paid Off
OAR was the first place that Sam turned to when looking for a job and he was very determined to find gainful employment. Living in a shelter with limited resources and a felony charge it was going to be a struggle, but Sam had a very positive and determined attitude. He possessed all the skills necessary for a maintenance position. For two and a half months we had been unsuccessful. He had put in numerous applications and had been on three interviews…Read More >