OAR 3-Month Virtual Anti-Racism and Racial Justice Cohort (January-March 2021 WP Cohort Participant Registration Only)

About OAR’s 3-Month Virtual Anti-Racist Racial Justice Cohort

Cohort participants will engage in formal learnings and conversations to analyze, confront, and address the racial patterns that are embedded in our lives and that are all too readily accepted as the norm. Topics will include the history of racism; the impact of vocabulary and language; racial superiority/inferiority; white fragility; white energy; the conditioning of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color); and the weathering that BIPOC experience as they face racism on a daily basis or raise their voices to challenge white supremacy. The cohorts will be a place where individuals will explore their beliefs and day to day behaviors. Cohorts will be separated between BIPOC and WP (White People). Not only do the learnings differ from each group, but this also allows us to have a more open and authentic conversation and in-depth discussions, provide a safer learning space for all individuals for each group, and create a space where the least amount of trauma and harm is caused. Facilitators for the BIPOC cohorts will be Executive Director Elizabeth Jones Valderrama, Director of Pre-Release Services and Racial Justice Ambassador Mustafa Saboor, Director of Transition Services and Racial Justice Ambassador Phill Simon, and Director of Events & Communications and Racial Justice Ambassador Stephannie Ku (OAR BIPOC team members who have completed intensive anti-racism training through OAR). Facilitators for the WP cohorts will be OAR Deputy Director and Racial Justice Ambassador Katy Steinbruck along with members of the Dismantling White Supremacy Caucus (affinity group who have completed intensive anti-racism training through OAR). Both groups will possibly include paid “guest speakers” from other racial justice organizations in our area. The agenda may be fluid depending on what the cohort needs the most. Cohort participants should expect to be challenged and called-in. Cohort groups will meet virtually once a week for 3-hour sessions over three months for a total of 10 sessions. If you are chosen to participate in one of the cohorts, the date and time, as well as a payment invoice will be provided to you. Required readings prior to participation in the cohort: Me and White Supremacy, So You Want To Talk About Race. Additional materials will be sent throughout the cohort.

Virtual Racial Justice Cohort Date

-January – March 2021 WP Cohort, Mondays 6-9PM

Payment Information

Paying participants help provide scholarships for individuals formerly incarcerated and personnel (sworn and civilian) in Law Enforcement, Corrections, Court and Judicial Services, Fire and Rescue, Public Safety Communications and Emergency Management

-Individual paid by corporate: $1,000.00

-Individual paid by nonprofit/government agency/faith community: $750.00 *groups between 5-9 individuals receive 20% discount and groups of 10+ receive a discounted rate of $500/person. The organization can pay in advance and the members can apply to attend any cohorts*

-Individual paid by community member: $500.00

-All personnel (sworn and civilian) in Law Enforcement, Corrections, Court and Judicial Services, Fire and Rescue, Public Safety Communications and Emergency Management: Free

-Individuals Formerly Incarcerated: Free

-Scholarship Needed *please see text box at the bottom of the application*

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