OAR Reentry Council Week Videos

Thank you to all of the individuals and organizations that make up the Reentry Council of Alexandria, VA! Please see below for all of the videos from the Reentry Council members in honor of Reentry Month and please give a warm welcome to all those on their reentry journey.

Mayor Justin Wilson | City of Alexandria

The Honorable Judge Kelmer | City of Alexandria

Chief Probation & Parole Officer Alfreda Shinns | VA Department of Corrections

Sheriff Sean Casey | Alexandria Sheriff’s Office

Reentry Council Organizations

(listed in Alpha Order by First Name)

Alexandria Health Department

Arm & Arm

Capital Youth Empowerment Program (CYEP) | Fathers In Tech

Community Service Board (CSB)

Dept. of Community & Human Services – City of Alexandria

Alumni Video

Staff Videos

Neighborhood Health

OAR of Arlington, Alexandria, and Falls Church

Together We Bake

Workforce Development Center