An Update on Adryann

Adryann speaking at the 2015 Second Chance Fundraising Breakfast to 535 attendees

Adryann speaking at the 2015 Second Chance Fundraising Breakfast to 535 attendees

The OAR family knows Adryann well. He is a former client of OAR, who sought OAR’s help after years of incarceration. He’s shared his story in the community on numerous occasions, including at OAR’s annual Second Chance Fundraising Breakfast in April 2015 in front of 535 attendees. Adryann shared that he felt despair and had no hope after his release. He was given a list of resources upon his release, and he called every single resource on that list, and OAR was the only place who returned his call. Below is an update written by Adryann about what is happening in his life today, after receiving OAR’s assistance.

“Life has been wonderful the last three months. I’ve finally landed full-time employment, and the position is incredible! I’m the administrative assistant for Clemency Project 2014, and we work out of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) office. This is probably the most fulfilling position I’ve ever had and I’m truly honored to be a part of the team. It’s a lot of work, yet it’s for a great cause and I look forward to waking up every morning. In addition to stable employment, the networking is phenomenal. Already I’ve made connections with people that I know are going to be of great assistance as I continue to move forward. My co-workers are the best, and so supportive in every way. I’m learning a lot and taking it all in. I wish I could tell you more, but I’ve only been here for two months.

On a personal level, I got engaged in May, and it’s such a blessing. Due to my past I didn’t think any woman would ever want me. I had reserved myself to the notion that I would always be by myself. Yet, here I am with the perfect woman for me. To sum it up, it’s all been worth it. The hard times, the dark days, the uncertainty and anxiety you have to deal with when you get out. On the other side everything you could ever imagine, and more, is waiting. I’ll leave you with one of my little ‘Adryann-isms’: ‘The deeper the valley, the higher the mountaintop.’ I’d like to once again thank OAR for all they have, and continue, to do for me. My story isn’t over, it’s just getting started. Stay tuned.”

Join us on Wednesday, September 30, 2015 at 12:00pm EST for a conference call where Adryann will speak about his story and share updates on his life and his progress. RSVP for the conference call here.