OAR’s DC Community Service Program for Youth was featured today on WAMU 88.5. Two of the program’s participants were interviewed to explore how and why they got into trouble. Brian, a 13-year-old, stole a bus pass in order to get home. Steve, a 15-year-old, was jumped and had his shoes stolen, so he took revenge by shooting at his perpetrators, but luckily he did not hit anyone.

OAR is working with many youth with similar stories to Brian and Steve, making sure they complete their community service hours as mandated by the court, but also providing intensive case management to handle other issues in their lives such as family dynamics, educational struggles and school absenteeism, substance abuse, employment search, gang intervention and conflict resolution. Year-to-date, the program has assisted 124 youth.

Download the podcast and/or read the entire story about Brian and Steve on WAMU’s website: http://wamu.org/news/11/08/08/teen_offenders_reflect_on_what_led_them_astray.php.

For more information about OAR’s DC Community Service Program for Youth, please call 202-545-7923.