On January 17, 2011, several OAR staff and clients volunteered at Stuart Hobson Middle School as part of the Greater DC Cares citywide Martin Luther King Day of Service. The group was assigned to paint murals and canvasses in the school’s cafeteria with other local mentoring organizations and Deloitte Consulting employees.

After the volunteers settled down to paint, the President of Greater DC Cares announced that the entire First Family would be joining the group for the project. Malia Obama sat with OAR’s own Jennifer Harris to help with the mural painting. Sasha Obama joined OAR’s Lindsay Caldwell in painting some of the canvas background. President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama visited each group of volunteers and shook everyone’s hands. Michelle put her arm around one of OAR’s clients for a photo.

In addition to this interaction with the First Family, OAR staff members Jennifer Harris and Lindsay Caldwell spoke with President Obama about the work OAR is doing in DC and Northern Virginia. The President patted Jennifer on the shoulder and told Jennifer and Lindsay how valuable OAR’s work is for the community. A photo of Jennifer and Malia was even featured in the national news.

Overall, it was a great day of service to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. and an incredible opportunity for OAR staff and clients to meet the President and the First Family and discuss the important work that OAR is doing in our community.