OAR is currently preparing for the annual Arlington County Fair, which will be held at the Thomas Jefferson Community Center in Arlington, VA. The Arlington County Fair is an annual celebration of the county’s cultures and communities.

Over the years OAR has been an integral contributor to the fair. OAR provides clients in need of community service hours, to assist in all aspects of the fair’s operation. Last year, OAR provided more than sixty (60) Community Service Program (CSP) clients to assist the fair board with executing setup, various day-to-day operations, and breakdown of the fair. Those sixty (60) some clients averaged approximately ten (10) hours of community service each, providing approximately six hundred (600) hours of community service support. OAR clients assisted with running ice to vendors, monitoring the competitive exhibits, setting up tables and booths, as well as with loading and unloading vendor merchandise.

And this year will be no exception! OAR staff and Community Service clients will be there starting Monday, August 16th to assist with set up and our last day will be Monday, August 23rd to assist with breaking it down.

The fair is held both inside and outside the Thomas Jefferson Community Center. OAR will have a booth setup inside the center with OAR staff and volunteers to present to answer any questions and especially to recruit new volunteers and supporters. Staff will also be present at the Arlington Non-profit Network (ANN) table.

For more information about the Arlington County Fair, including a list of sponsors, fair history, hours, and information about competitive exhibits, please visit:Arlington County Fair

See you there!